Papatoetoe Chess Club is the biggest chess club in South Auckland. We pride ourselves as being the friendliest chess club in Auckland, with flexibility for visitors and new to club players.

History: The Papatoetoe Chess Club was founded in 1933 at the Hodge farmhouse, then shifted to the St. George’s Anglican Church hall at 5 Landscape Road, Papatoetoe in 1936. It  was incorporated on 31st August 1994 under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, the same year the club moved to the Papatoetoe RSA Bowling Club at 86 Cambridge Terrace, Papatoetoe, where we stayed for the next 26 years. In 2020 another rent increase forced our club to find new premises, and we moved to the Papatoetoe Hunters Corner Bowling Club, owned by the Kolmar Trust, at 247 Great South Road, Papatoetoe on 11th March 2020.




Simultaneous Displays


We hold simultaneous displays once or twice a year, apart from our regular club tournaments, challenge matches on 20 boards with other clubs, annual interclub matches in a team of 6 in the A Grade, a team of 6 in the B Grade, and a Junior Grade. Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown we moved the club online to chess dot com and Facebook, so also have an active presence online.


Club Officers

Patron: Vacant

President: CM NA Stan Yee

Treasurer: Harry Bong

Assistant Treasurer: NA Alex Postma

Secretary: NI Ronald Hamalala

Club Captain: Alex Postma

Vice Club Captain: NA Scott Smith

Coach: NI Philip Mukkattu

Webmaster: James Tizard

Sponsorship Managers: Roy Uta’i, Mike Buis

Librarian: Scott Smith

Management Committee: Paul Postma, John McRae, NA Barry Hooton, ACM Ar John Guan, Kevin Tang

Life Members: Lew Collins, John McRae, David Taylor, Katrine McCarthy, Graeme Coleman

CM: Candidate Master

NA: National Arbiter

NI: National Instructor

ACM: Arena Candidate Master