We were back at the Club for the first night since lockdown. Wednesday 10th June 2020, a night to remember. 16 players, with some faces we didn’t see much of last year. This lockdown has revitalised our club. Top, a club photo. Second row, our online team photo (with only Rosjier Hall and Leyton Hackney missing – Leyton can be excused, being stranded in Scotland). President Stan Yee presenting the FIDE Arena Candidate Master diploma to Ar John Guan – awarded during the lockdown. Congratulations Ar John, well done. Behind them are the Stan Yee Invitational Cup and the John McRae Invitational Cup, both tournaments created online in lockdown. Roy Uta’i is arranging the making of the Online Nations Trophy, the third new tournament created in lockdown. It will be officially called the Papatoetoe Online Nations Chess Championship Trophy. Last photo, we are under way, round 1 of the Bob Wichman Winter Cup. 


Game of the week

NEWS January – May 2020

Saturday 30th May 2020. We have just concluded the Online Nations Cup. Prior to this we played:

20/02/2020 Joe Tyson Memorial Cup (completed before lockdown)

28/03/2020 Bruce Marsick Cup Rapid

18/04/2020 Katrine Metge Cup

25/04/2020 Stan Yee Invitational Cup

4/05/2020  John McRae Invitational Cup

21/05/2020 Interclub match versus Waitakere CC

22/05/2020 Online Nations Cup

The Stan Yee Invitational Cup and the John McRae Invitational Cup are new tournaments that were created in lockdown, and will be continued in future years. Photos of these two cups, which are identical, will be posted on the Tournaments page soon. Stan Yee is donating the cup with his name, and the club is paying for the John McRae Invitational Cup in honour of the great man himself. The Online Nations Cup is another tournament created in lockdown, and Roy Uta’i is kindly donating this trophy and creating a custom design globe for this.

We will reopen in Alert Level 1, and I will email you again once we know when that is. I hope you are all well, and have survived financially and mentally through this lockdown. See you all soon.

Monday 11th May 2020. The government announces that New Zealand will move down to Alert Level 2 at midnight on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Saturday 9th May 2020. The NZCF Council has voted and has decided not to allow play when New Zealand moves down to Alert Level 2 next week.

“Announcement from the New Zealand Chess Federation re Covid-19 Level 2.

The anticipated upcoming transition to Level 2 restrictions will not affect the current position for chess. No official NZCF over-the-board chess tournaments or NZCF/FIDE rated games will take place in New Zealand on Level 2. Two further upcoming tournaments have now been cancelled, the New Zealand Junior Championship, and the North island Championship, both scheduled for this July.

Because chess is a game where the players sit indoors in close proximity, over lengthy periods, NZCF Council takes the view that New Zealand needs to move to Level 1 before official tournament competition can resume.”

So PTCC will have to wait until Alert Level 1, before returning to our new premises. I have an assurance from the bowling club that they will not charge us whilst we cannot access the premises.

Stan Yee, President

Monday 27th April 2020. New Zealand moves down to Alert Level 3 at midnight, but we still cannot open the club. We have been 33 days in Alert Level 4 lockdown. We will be waiting two more weeks until hopefully moving down to Alert Level 2. But it looks unlikely that the club will be back until Alert Level 1.

Wednesday 25th March 2020. Government enforced Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown effective at midnight tonight.

Saturday 21st March 2020. NZCF closes all clubs due to Covid-19.

Friday 20th March 2020. Club moves tournaments to chess dot com.

Tuesday 17th March 2020. Decision made to close club due to Covid-19.

Wednesday 11th March 2020. First night at Papatoetoe Hunters Corner Bowling Club, 247 Great South Road, Papatoetoe. See Contact page.

Wednesday 5th February 2020. Awards Night.

Wednesday 29th January 2020. Annual General Meeting and election of officers.

NEWS June 2020

Monday 8th June 2020. We will be in Level 1 at midnight TONIGHT 8th June 2020. So we will be back at the Club rooms this Wednesday 10th June 2020. Remember we are at our new address 247 Great South Road. See you all this Wednesday. We won’t have time to catch up with 4 weeks of the Handicap Cup, but we will probably start our Winter Cup one week early.


Chess Clubs to re-open under Covid-19 Level One

Today the Government announced that, with zero active cases of Covid-19, New Zealand would be moving to Level One from midnight tonight. The Government website states that “At Alert Level 1, everyone can return without restriction to work, school, sports and domestic travel, and you can get together with as many people as you want”.

There are no mandatory Social Distancing rules, though the Government website suggests continuing to keep track of where we’ve been and who we’ve seen to assist with rapid contact tracing if it is required.

Therefore from tomorrow there is no Government restriction and chess clubs are free to open again.

Individual Clubs may wish to consider taking various hygiene measures involving extra cleaning going forward. NZCF Council will be having an e-meeting this week to consider whether to publish a list of guidelines for this specific to chess.

Murray Chandler, NZCF President

NEWS August 2020

The Papatoetoe Chess Club will be CLOSED tomorrow Wednesday 12th August 2020, due to Auckland going into Alert Level 3 Lockdown.

Stan Yee Invitational Cup


A Grade Winner (1600 +) Ar John Guan

B Grade Winner (1300 – 1599) Roy Uta’i

C Grade Winner (up to 1299) John McRae

John McRae Invitational Cup


A Grade Winner (1600 +) Stanley Yee

B Grade Winner (1300 – 1599) Stefan Brzozowski

C Grade Winner (up to 1299) Scott Smith

Online Nations Trophy


A Grade Winners (1600 +) Stanley Yee (TPE) and Michael Buis (LAT)

B Grade Winner (1300 – 1599) Roy Uta’i (WSM)

C Grade Winner (up to 1299) John McRae (SUI)

The Online Nations Trophy was kindly donated by Roy Uta’i

Stan Yee Invitational Cup

Sunday 3rd May 2020. Upsets galore in the final round, with John beating Leyton, Rosjier drawing against Stan and Harry beating Mike. I admit I haven’t had time to look at the games yet. Final Standings for the Stan Yee Invitational Cup are attached. Congratulations to Ar John Guan, the inaugural winner on 8/9 with some excellent games, second Leyton Hackney on 7/9, who played strongly throughout the tournament. Stan Yee comes third on 6.5/9 who was out of sorts. Mike, Harry and Roy finished 4-6th= on 5/9, all playing well and deserving of their placings.

Saturday 25th April 2020. Since we as a club are three weeks ahead on the club schedule, and we play every day instead of once per week so we will soon be even further ahead, I thought we might create another cup. This will be by invitation only for our club members so I as the organiser don’t have to open it up to the whole club and sort out the administration of entries. It will be online so we have no problems in fitting it into our club schedule in future years. We will stick with the last tournament players for ease of administration. It will be a real cup which I will purchase and donate to the club. It will be a similar format to the last tournament, but Swiss 9 rounds of 60 + 10. Six rounds is too short when playing every day, and it means we will end up playing everyone else, similar to a Round Robin. The inspiration comes from the Magnus Carlsen Invitational being played online at present on chess24 dot com. But unlike that tournament there will be no prize money, and the tournament will not be rated with NZCF. But there will be bragging rights. We will start TONIGHT 25th April 2020 at 7. 15 p.m. with Round 1 and continue for nine days non stop. The pairings will be posted asap after each night, so you can arrange to play before the normal scheduled time if you wish, e.g. Stefan may email you to arrange an earlier time due to his other commitments. Please be flexible, and most of all enjoy your games! I think with the long time control we can all learn from our wins and especially our losses, and at least take some learning into the next game.

A Grade 1600 +

B Grade 1300 – 1599

C Grade up to 1299

Miniatures will be awarded for the above grade prizes at the awards night at next year’s AGM.

1. Stan Yee 2018 (GBk1w1)

2. Mike Buis 1764 (t20464mike)

3. Leyton Hackney 1720 (ScotsKiwi1966)

4. Ar John Guan 1686 (Arjohn27)

5. Rosjier Hall 1627 (Rosjier)

6. Harry Bong 1623 (TimeTroubleBlunder)

7. Stefan Brzozowski 1513 (StefanosB2)

8. Roy Uta’i 1483 (Roysta69)

9. Scott Smith 1296 (Kurios888)

10. John McRae 1166 (Skymajor1)

John McRae Invitational Cup

Sunday 10th May 2020. Save the surprises until last. Stefan beats Mike. Roy beats Rosjier in a torrid position. Results and Standings are attached. Stan wins the tournament with 6.5/7 and Ar John and Stefan come 2nd-3rd = on 4.5/7. Stefan wins the B Grade. Mike and Roy come 4th-5th = on 4/7. Rosjier and Scott come 6th-7th = on 2/7. Scott takes the C Grade prize. John has the tournament named in his honour, and his result does not reflect his excellent play. Well done gentlemen. We will have a well earned rest, and I will organise the team to challenge Waitakere CC at 8 p.m. on Thursday 21st May 2020.

Monday 4th May 2020. We have time for one more online tournament, and I would like to start another tournament called the John McRae Invitational Cup, which the club will pay for in honour of our Life Member and Mr Papatoetoe Chess Club. It will be the same format 60 + 10 and start immediately after the current one. So we start on Monday 4th May 2020 and play for 7 rounds, finishing on Sunday 10th May 2020.

This will be by invitation only for our club members so I as the organiser don’t have to open it up to the whole club and sort out the administration of entries. It will be online so we have no problems in fitting it into our club schedule in future years. We will stick to the last tournament players for ease of administration, except Leyton has withdrawn due to an eye infection and Rosjier has kindly offered to return to even out the draw. Harry has chosen to sit this one out. It will be a real cup which the club will purchase in honour of John McRae, now in his 70s and keeping up with the technology in online tournaments, playing remarkable quality chess. John started at the club in 1971, and has been at the club for 49 years. So it will be fitting when we nominate John for Life Membership of NZCF in January next year, being his 50th year at the club. This tournament will be a similar format to the last tournament, but Swiss 7 rounds of 60 + 10. We will end up playing everyone else, similar to a Round Robin. There will be no prize money, and the tournament will not be rated with NZCF. But there will be bragging rights.

A Grade 1600 +

B Grade 1300 – 1599

C Grade up to 1299.

Miniatures will be awarded for the above grade prizes at the awards night at next year’s AGM.

1. Stan Yee 2018 (GBk1w1)

2. Mike Buis 1764 (t20464mike)

3. Ar John Guan 1686 (Arjohn27)

4. Rosjier Hall 1627 (Rosjier)

5. Stefan Brzozowski 1513 (StefanosB2)

6. Roy Uta’i 1483 (Roysta69)

7. Scott Smith 1296 (Kurios888)

8. John McRae 1166 (Skymajor1)

Papatoetoe CC vs Waitakere CC

Tuesday 19th May 2020. We have a team of 13 playing Waitakere CC at 8 p.m. this Thursday 21st May 2020 and all our team players have now confirmed their places. Time control 60 + 30, Papatoetoe as Visitors have White on board 1.

1. Bob Gibbons 2105 (shimloi) gibbons.bob@gmail.com Bob Smith 2295 (BobbyFM) caissa1530@gmail.com

2. Nigel Metge 2086 (Lazarus100) nigel.metge@gmail.com Gord Morrell 2153 (Canuck58) gomorrell@gmail.com

3. Hilton Bennett 2066 (asterix99) hiltonpbennett@gmail.com Oscar Qin 1950 (MetroGloomin) dmqoscar@gmail.com

4. Mike Buis 1764 (t20464) southernagent@internet.co.nz Francisco Chung 1938 (fchu008) fchu008@yahoo.com

5. Leyton Hackney 1720 (ScotsKiwi1966) hackneyleyton@gmail.com Chris Joel 1786 (chrisjoel77) chrisjoel77@gmail.com

6. Ar John Guan 1686 (Arjohn27) arjohnguan023@gmail.com Bruce Pollard 1743 (Dopman) bruce.pollard@ymail.com

7. Connor Hackney 1663 (Clhis) clhis.connor@gmail.com Roldan Rufino 1650 (restinpeace) jrich_023@yahoo.com

8. Rosjier Hall 1627 (Rosjier) rosjier.evelyn.hall@gmail.com Aidan Howard 1579 (aidanat) BHBaidanbh@hotmail.com

9. Harry Bong 1623 (TimeTroubleBlunder) harry_bong@hotmail.com Louis Lim 1550 (Aggromancer) progearknowledge@gmail.com

10. Stefan Brzozowski 1513 (StefanosB2) footman.sb@gmail.com Keith Allpress 1319 keithallpresskeith@newzilan.com

11. Roy Uta’i 1483 (Roysta69)royutai69@gmail.com David Newman 1191 (david29693) davidnewmanesq@gmail.com

12. Scott Smith 1296 (Kurios888) scottrs88827@yahoo.com Murray Cramp 1000 (Fenric7) murrayc507@gmail.com

13. John McRae 1166 (Skymajor1) brabham@xtra.co.nz Sally Wallwork 873 (sawallwork) sally.wallwork@yahoo.com

Online Nations Trophy

Friday 29th May 2020. Well well. Upsets in the final round. Third seed Leyton of Scotland and fourth seed Ar John of the Philippines had a good battle. Last game to finish, it went right down to the wire. Leyton had won a piece and was looking to liquidate. But the clock caught up with them both, and it got down to minutes then seconds each. Leyton left his bishop en prise and Ar John gobbled it. Then even endgame with Leyton’s knight versus Ar John’s superior bishop in an open position. Leyton lost on time. Mike of Latvia cruised in earlier to tie for first equal place with Stan of China Taipei, who also cruised in with the Bye, both on 5/6. Ar John (PHI) comes 3rd with his win over Leyton (SCO). Leyton, Roy (WSM) and John (SUI) come 4th-6th = on 3/6. This result is extraordinary for Roy being under rated on 1483, and John grossly under rated on 1166. These two had a good battle in their game together. A solid game, with John coming out on top. John has played some great chess in these recent tournaments, and has beaten a few strong opponents. 7th was Scott, who is a lot tougher than his results show, and never to be underestimated. Round results and final Standings are attached. Roy wins the B Grade. John wins the C Grade. These grade wins are well deserved. Miniatures will be awarded at next year’s AGM for these wins.

Roy is kindly donating the trophy for the tournament. He is working with Emblem NZ for a design of a custom made trophy, with a World Globe in mind for a design, with the logo ‘Papatoetoe Online Nations Champion’ on the trophy. I would like to carry through the same countries we have represented here into future Online Nations tournaments, with only new players representing countries not yet represented. No player can choose New Zealand, Aotearoa or the Cook Islands.

It’s been a pleasure playing in lockdown gentlemen. It seems that Scott and maybe one or two others may be in need of a rest, or their partners may be in need of them having a rest. So we will all have a rest, and reconvene soon. Meantime these results will be posted on our new website papatoetoechessclub.org.nz and Facebook.

Thursday 28th May 2020. Sorry for the delay. Stan of China Taipei with Leyton of Scotland was delayed due to the server restarting. Another good ol’ ding dong between the top and third seeds again. Very close game, and we both had our chances. China Taipei bluffed his way through in the end. No upsets this round, with Mike from Latvia beating John from Switzerland, and Ar John from the Philippines beating Scott from Ireland. Roy from Samoa had the Bye. Next round is Round 6 and Stan has been waiting for his Bye. He can now have a look at the other games live tomorrow night. See you all 7.15 p.m. Friday 29th May 2020. Results for Round 5 and Pairings for Round 6 are attached. I should add that this is the last round. So I don’t get to play again. There are 7 of us, and 6 rounds. Strangely Mike is the lucky one, as he gets to play all 7 rounds. Let me think of our next tournament, whilst you guys are preparing for your last battle.

Wednesday 27th May 2020. Two upsets. Ar John from the Philippines beats Mike from Latvia, the leader. This leaves Mike on 3. Leyton from Scotland had the Bye so is now on 3. Stan from China Taipei is also on 3, after winning a close game with Roy from Samoa, who is totally under rated. The other upset was Major John from Switzerland beating Scott of Ireland. In the 5th round Stan meets Leyton. Mike meets Major John. Results of Round 4 and Pairings for Round 5 are attached. Good luck gentlemen. See you all at 7.15 p.m. tomorrow Thursday 28th May 2020.

Tuesday 26th May 2020. Well, the big upset in Round 3 was Mike beating Stan, who got a bit eager trying to liquidate too early after winning the exchange. Mike played amazingly well, and is back on form. He leads the tournament with 3/3. I cannot play tonight (Tuesday), as my wife is on a Skype meeting – apparently this affects my connection on chess dot com. I had problems Sunday night when I was playing against Mike. Almost lost the connection two or three times. Incidentally, if you lose the connection during your game, simply reset the game to the move just before the disconnect, and leave the clocks a few minutes after the reset time control of 60 + 10. You can help each other to remember the moves by messaging each other at the bottom of the score sheet. So we will all meet tomorrow night Wednesday 27th May 2020 at 7.15 p.m. I thought Leyton needed a sleep, as he played the last game at 4 a.m. but it’s his turn for the Bye next round.

Saturday 23rd May 2020. Well well, two upsets. Latvia (Mike) beats Scotland (Leyton). Mike is rated slightly higher, but Leyton is the form player, whereas Mike has been struggling of late. I thought this game would be the fight of the tournament, between the second and third seeds. And Samoa (Roy) traps the Philippines (Ar John) queen to take the win. Both Roy and Ar John are in good form, so this was a decent fight too. Ar John was the winner of the Stan Yee Invitational Cup with an incredible score of 8/9. What a Round 2! Results and Pairings for Round 3 are attached. See you all 7.15 p.m. tomorrow night Sunday 24th May 2020.

Friday 22nd May 2020. Good warm up last night from the Waitakere match. Results from Round 1 and Pairings for Round 2 are attached. No surprise upsets. Phew. Good to be back playing chess! We take turns for the Bye, and it’s your turn Scott. No doubt you will sit back and watch us live. Yes, there are 6 rounds. See you all at 7.15 p.m. tomorrow night Saturday 23rd May 2020.

Wednesday 20th May 2020. Immediately after the Papatoetoe CC vs Waitakere CC match we will be starting another tournament, the new Online Nations Cup. This will be yet another fun tournament, with each player selecting a country they wish to represent, inspired by the recent tournament of the same name involving teams around the world and shown live on chess dot com. Our tournament and the above Waitakere match will also be live on chess dot com. Player handles are in the above team list if you as a spectator wish to follow the match. You can follow more than one player at the same time. I have some players already entered into the Online Nations Cup tournament, and am calling for more who are already registered on chess dot com, and are able to play every day at 7.15 p.m. or able to mutually arrange an alternative time with their opponent. It will be a Swiss tournament, for at least 7 rounds starting Friday 22nd May 2020 and finishing on Thursday 28th May 2020 or later if we have more than eight entries. Time control 60 + 10. This is a closed tournament, for Papatoetoe CC members only. We currently have 10 regular players and a special invite is now extended to NIGEL METGE, BOB GIBBONS, HILTON BENNETT AND CONNOR HACKNEY to join us in this tournament. If there is anyone else interested please email Stan Yee. Remember, you must be able to play every day. The cup will be kindly donated by Roy Uta’i and will feature as a regular online tournament annually in future years, just as we will continue the Stan Yee Invitational Cup and the John McRae Invitational Cup in future years. These three tournaments will not be NZCF rated, but will feature in our annual awards night. Entries close at 5 p.m. Thursday 21st May 2020. Pairings will be emailed to players on Thursday night after the Waitakere match. Please email Stan Yee asap to register. Registered so far are: Stan Yee (TPE), Leyton Hackney (SCO), Scott Smith (IRL), Mike Buis (LAT), Roy Uta’i (WSM), John McRae (SUI) and Ar John Guan (PHI). You cannot choose New Zealand, Aotearoa or the Cook Islands.

I have had an email from the Papatoetoe Hunters Corner Bowling Club. They say they are back but must practise social distancing. They understand our situation and know we cannot return until Alert Level 1.

Bob Wichman Cup

Wednesday 15th July 2020. After Round 6 Stan Yee wins the tournament with 6/6, followed by Mike Buis on 5, and Philip Mukkattu on 4. Coming 4th was Ar John Guan on 3.5. There was a six way tie for 5th-10th = placings. And a five way tie for 11th-15th = placings. Stan Yee wins the A Grade. Scott Smith wins the B Grade, with an incredible performance of 3/6.

ACA B-Grade Interclub

Sunday 9th August 2020 Round 3

Papatoetoe versus Summit 3.5 – 2.5

1 Stan Yee 1989 win

2 Oliver Picken 1989 win

3 Philip Mukkattu 1763 loss

4 Ar John Guan 1686 loss

5 Stefan Brzozowski 1513 draw

6. Ariel Patdu 1392 win


Sunday 2nd August 2020 Round 2

Papatoetoe versus Howick-Pakuranga 4.5 – 1.5

1 Stan Yee 1989 loss

2 Oliver Picken 1989 win

3 Michael Buis 1764 win

4 Philip Mukkattu 1763 win

5 Ar John Guan 1686 win

6 Stefan Brzozowski 1513 draw


Sunday 19th July 2020 Round 1

Papatoetoe versus Waitakere 2 – 4

1 Stan Yee 1989 win

2 Michael Buis 1764 loss

3 Philip Mukkattu 1763 loss

4 Temu Maroroa 1526 loss

5 Stefan Brzozowski 1513 win

6 Roy Uta’i 1483 loss


Saturday 18th July 2020

  1. Papatoetoe
  2. Howick-Pakuranga
  3. Summit
  4. North Shore
  5. Auckland Chess Centre
  6. Waitakere


The pairings for each round are (first-named team having White on odd-numbered boards):

Round 1 (Sunday 19 July) HP-AC, SU-NS, PT-WT

Round 2 (Sunday 2 August) PT-HP, AC-SU, WT-NS

Round 3 (Sunday 9 August) SU-PT, NS-AC, HP-WT

Round 4 (Sunday 16 August) PT-NS, HP-SU, WT-AC

Round 5 (Sunday 23 August) AC-PT, NS-HP, SU-WT


Since there has been some confusion about when team lists are needed, each team is expected to supply a full team list no later than the evening of the first round.  This list should include anybody who might play in even one round; people can’t be added to the list later. The matches will be played on Sunday evenings with play commencing at 6:30 p.m. Reporting time is 6:15 p.m. Location is the Lyell Creek Room, 1st Floor, Alexandra Park.


Team List as at 14/07/2020. Six to be selected from this list for each round prior to the Sunday.

1 Stan Yee 1989

2 Oliver Picken 1989

3 Michael Buis 1764

4 Philip Mukkattu 1763

5 Ar John Guan 1686

6 Harry Bong 1623

7 Temu Maroroa 1526

8 Stefan Brzozowski 1513

9 Barry Hooton 1499

10 Paul Postma 1490

11 Roy Uta’i 1483

12 Ariel Patdu 1392

13 Scott Smith 1296

14 John McRae 1166

15 Gagan Bihani UNR

16 Simon Maiava UNR


Papatoetoe Rapid Open

Saturday 5th December 2020

Venue: the NEW Papatoetoe Chess Club premises; Papatoetoe Hunters Corner Bowling Club, 247 Great South Road, Papatoetoe.
Three separate (A,B, C) grades, six round Swiss rapid 25+5 tournaments, NZCF and FIDE rated where possible.
Guaranteed $1,640 prize fund.
Full details on the entry form below.
Organiser: Stan Yee stanyeenz@gmail.com. Stan requests that when paying your entry fee, please indicate “OPEN” as Particulars, your NZCF/FIDE ID as Payee Code, surname as Reference and to also email stanyeenz@gmail.com to indicate payment has been made.

Papatoetoe Junior Rapid

Sunday 6th December 2020

Venue: the NEW Papatoetoe Chess Club premises; Papatoetoe Hunters Corner Bowling Club, 247 Great South Road, Papatoetoe.
Six round Swiss rapid 25+5 tournament, NZCF and FIDE rated where possible.
Full details on the entry form below.
Organiser: Stan Yee stanyeenz@gmail.com Stan requests that when paying your entry fee, please indicate “JUNIOR” as Particulars, your NZCF/FIDE ID as Payee Code, surname as Reference and to also email stanyeenz@gmail.com to indicate payment has been made.

Club Schedule

29 Jan 20 AGM, Prize giving and Pot luck

Summer Cup – Joe Tyson Memorial Cup

Swiss single group, A & B Grade, 60 + 10

5 Feb 20 Round 1

12 Feb 20 Round 2

19 Feb 20 Round 3

26 Feb 20 Round 4

4 Mar 20 Round 5

11 Mar 20 Round 6 Summer Rapid – Bruce Marsick Cup

Swiss single group, A & B Grade, 25 + 5

18 Mar 20 Round 1 & 2

25 Mar 20 Round 3 & 4

1 Apr 20 Round 5 & 6

Autumn Cup – Katrine Metge Cup

Swiss single group, A & B Grade,  60 + 10

8 Apr 20 Round 1

15 Apr 20 Round 2

22 Apr 20 Round 3

29 Apr 20 Round 4

6 May 20 Round 5

13 May 20 Round 6

21 May 20 Challenge online @ chess.com, Papatoetoe vs Waitakere

Handicap – Founders Cup

Swiss single group, Material Deficit, 25 + 5

27 May 20 Round 1 & 2

3 Jun 20 Round 3 & 4

10 Jun 20 Round 5 & 6

Winter Cup – Bob Wichman Cup

Swiss single group, A & B Grade, 60+ 10

17 Jun 20 Round 1

24 Jun 20 Round 2

1 Jul 20 Round 3

8 Jul 20 Round 4

15 Jul 20 Round 5

22 Jul 20 Round 6

Spring Cup – Ewen Green Rapid

Swiss single group, A & B Grade, 25 + 5

29 Jul 20 Round 1 & 2

5 Aug 20 Round 3 & 4

12 Aug 20 Round 5 & 6

Club Champs

Single Swiss, A, B & C Grades, 60 + 15

19 Aug 20 Round 1

26 Aug 20 Round 2

2 Sep 20 Round 3

9 Sep 20 Round 4

16 Sep 20 Round 5

23 Sep 20 Round 6

30 Sep 20 Round 7

7 Oct 20 Round 8

14 Oct 20 Challenge at Papatoetoe club rooms, Howick vs Papatoetoe

20 Oct 20 Challenge at Franklin club rooms, Papatoetoe vs Franklin

Lightning – P & M Trophy

Swiss 10 rounds per night, 5 minutes flat

21 Oct 20

28 Oct 20

Papatoetoe 25 + 5 Rapid – Joe Sapeta Trophy

Single Swiss, A & B Grade, 25 + 5

4 Nov 20 Round 1 & 2

11 Nov 20 Round 3 & 4

18 Nov 20 Round 5 & 6

25 Nov 20 Tandem Simul with CM Stan Yee and CM Oliver Picken

2 Dec 20 TBA

5 Dec 20 Saturday Papatoetoe Rapid Open

6 Dec 20 Sunday Papatoetoe Junior Rapid Open

9 Dec 20 TBA



Joe Tyson Memorial Cup


Bruce Marsick Cup Rapid


Katrine Metge Cup


Stan Yee Invitational Cup


John McRae Invitational Cup


Online Nations Cup


Papatoetoe CC vs Waitakere CC Match

Results of the Papatoetoe Team:

  1. FM Bob Gibbons 1/2
  2. Nigel Metge 0
  3. CM Hilton Bennett 0
  4. Mike Buis 0
  5. Leyton Hackney 1
  6. Ar John Guan 1
  7. Connor Hackney 0
  8. Rosjier Hall 0
  9. Harry Bong 1/2
  10. Stefan Brzozowski 1
  11. Roy Uta’i 1
  12. Scott Smith 0
  13. John McRae 1

Papatoetoe Total 6

Waitakere Total 7

Bob Wichman Cup


Ewen Green Rapid


Club Champs


Bob Wichman Cup

Round 6 Results

Welcome to the Papatoetoe Chess Club

We are the biggest chess club in South Auckland. We pride ourselves as being the friendliest chess club in Auckland, with flexibility for visitors and new to club players. See the Contact page for more details.



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